Cicles and themes

Horses, Horses and Riders, Towers, Owls and Cats; Landscapes and Etruscan combs; Female and mythological figures; Warriors, Icarus figures and Masks.  These are the themes of Claudio Nicoli’s mythical figure repertoire; through them there is revealed the dramatic sentiment with which the sculptor looks at today’s alternating rapport between man and nature.  A regaining of energy transmitted by the myths, but also from the identity of the earth itself as the point of origin; “Where the subject coagulates, where there is pain, where it is smooth, the light passes through and slows.  A continuing research towards a new existence, mental deferment, a twisting tension that acts from inside its post modern heroes, to sculptor like an act of love, an act of truth.   It is man who submits frontal nude to its fate, conscious of his own human limits and of his own divine privileges. 


  • Horses, Horses and Riders, Towers, Owls and Cats

    A synthesis between equilibrium and dynamic vitality, a perfect reference to an erotic epic, grafted autobiography and an extreme utopia. This is indomitable spirit of mythical-beast of Nicoli.

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  • Landscape and Etruscan Combs

    Real and true narrated history, intimate suggestions fused with elements of an older Mediterranean culture. An architecture filled and empty, horizontal and vertical lines in perfect equilibrium between them.

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  • Warriors, Icarus figures, Centurions, Minotaurs and Masks

    His maximum representation of the myth, warriors transported into a post-modern dimension to go beyond his own possibility. Images of heroes that support an uncontainable violence in an emotive-rhythmical exasperated tension.

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  • Female Figures, Sibyl, Athena and Mythological Figures

    Here is the structure leading to the womanly universe, a mythical-poetic protection of an intimate celestial garden. Geometrical architecture in a close fusion between body and soul.

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